First level MSUS

In the first level course we aim at making the participants able to perform an US examination of a normal joint the focuses of the theotretical and of the practical sessions will be the ultrasound technique and normal ultrasound anatomy of joints. At the end of the course the participants will have the knowledge necessary to go on with self-training and to define if a structure is normal or not, wirthout being able to make pathological diagnoses.

TOPICS: Physics of US, seting of the machine, B-mode and doppler, artifacts, basic semeiotics, US anatomy and scanning techinque of joints

Second level MSUS

In the second level course, assuming that the participants should have solid knowledge of US scanning techinque and normal anatomy, we will focus on how to detect pathological findings, how to quantify them and how to report them. At the end of the course the participants sould be able to perform a diagnostic ultrasound.

TOPICS: Basic pathological findings (synovitis, tenosynovitis, lesions..), quantification of findings, frequent mistakes, pathology in the different areas, how to write reports, basic interventional US

Third level Courses

Third level courses are aimed to go deep into the use of US in the clinical setting. These courses are both evidence and experience based courses where the correct and efficient implementation of US (and other imaging) in clinical practice and clinical research are discussed.
Some of the fields that the III level courses explore are:

Extraarticular rheumatological ultrasound: these courses focus on the scanning techinque and pathology detection in Vessels, lung, salivary glands and skin

Interventional courses: theoretical and practical courses with phantoms and cadavers on ultrasound guided techniques for the treatment of rheumatological conditions.

Pathology focus (clinical and us): these focused courses aim to refine the scanning technique (detection) and interpretation of findings in order to optimise the use of US in the diagnosis and management of patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Connective tissue disease, Spondiloarthritis, Osteoarthritis, Crystal related diseases and other conditions.

Area focus (clinical and US): courses dedicated to one or two anatomical areas for in-depth knowledge of anatomy, pathology and the use of US for a correct assessment


Tailor made educational

Tailor made educational

We would be glad and available to collaborate with you on tailored courses according to your necessities.

Our faculty members are also available to provide bedside education at their clinics and (according to the avialiability) also to your clinic for brief periods.