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International Society for Ultrasound in Rheumatology

The main mission of the international society for ultrasound in rheumatology is to provide a full educational choice for the application of diagnostic and interventional ultrasound in rheumatological practice.

Actually there are many well-built educational programs by several very prestigious societies and our attempt is not to replace them but to create an alternative opportunity of education for doctors that want to have an in-dept knowledge of this topic.

For this reason alongside the well known basic and advanced courses on US technique, we offer pathology oriented courses, anatomical focused courses, on-demand courses and tutoring and several types of interventional US courses.
Beside education, we will try to promote research projects involving the student participating to our courses.


The Founders

Francesco Porta

Dr. Francesco Porta MD – President

Georgios Filippou

Dr. Georgios Filippou MD – Vice President

Goran Radunovic

Dr. Goran Radunovic MD – Counselor

Florentin Vreju

Dr. Florentin Vreju MD – Treasurer

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