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case series “not only inflammation” #1: Rectus femoralis muscle lesion from an indirect trauma

This is the most common site where injuries of this kind appear: the central aponeurosis of the muscle or otherwise called the central tendon or indirect tendon of the muscle, in the middle third of the muscle. A detailed anatomic description of this muscle and an explanation of why injuries occur in this site in most of the cases has be done in 1995 and you may find it here (free to view):… As you may see, it is more a mio-tendinous junction trauma than a pure muscle belly injury. Regarding the treatment we could stay here discussing for hours but we like evidence. So check this very recent paper (free to download):…… As you can see evidence regarding rectus muscle injuries treatment is scant. A traditional step by step (increasing loads) approach is the most wise I believe in this case. Immediately after trauma the RICE protocol (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) is recommended. If you have any experience with other treatments (PRP, physical therapy. specific rehabilitation protocols) we would be glad to discuss this further. Thank you all for participating. ps. regarding confirmation of diagnosis, no need to do other exams than US in this case. US allows a complete visualization of the muscle belly and it’s tendons, allows for comparative exam and mainly allows dynamic examination. Further you can follow the evolution of the injury and eventual complications (calcification, fibrous scar etc)

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Webinars are coming!

Dear colleagues,

ISUSR will soon organize several Webinars with extensive knowledge and practical experience in application of the musculoskeletal ultrasound (MSUS)
The webinars are intended for Rheumatologists, Radiologists, Orthopedic surgeons, Physiatrists practicing or recommending ultrasonography in rheumatic diseases.
The aim is to share some of the experience that our experts have in this field and to understand better how to efficiently and rationally incorporate MSUS into diagnostic and therapeutic management of rheumatic diseases.

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Dear friends and colleagues,
You can find here some images that can help you in your ultrasound identification of CPPD

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US guidance for injections

Dear colleagues and friends,
We often need to inject our patients in order to better control the joints or tendons inflammation.
We propose in the following images some possibilities to do it under US guidance.

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Courses Calendar Update

Next courses are:

Plovdiv, Bulgaria 28-29 February, 2020

Madrid, Spain. 15-16 May, 2020

Zagreb, Croatia 7-9 May 2020

Plase check Congresses & Courses page for more details

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New website launched

The new website is now online. This is the first step to build an important online resource, full of contents.

The main mission of the international society for ultrasound in rheumatology is to provide a full educational choice for the application of diagnostic and interventional ultrasound in rheumatological practice, so this website will be the focus of all the activity.

Stay tumed to discover new infos and opportunities.

Goran, Georgios, Francesco & Florentin.


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